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Agile Basics for Scrum Teams

7 days remaining
Agile practices help teams build high quality, high value products. Scrum, one of the methodologies under the agile umbrella, helps teams become very adept at building great software on a cadence and delivering it predictably.
In this course, you will learn how to identify and break down work, then deliver increments in each sprint. You will also learn how scrum practices improves your effectiveness and morale as a team.


Delivery team members, scrummasters, product owners, other individual contributors, and agile managers.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the benefits of Agile and Scrum
  • Get an introduction to agile practices and terms
  • Understand the responsibilities and expectations of each scrum team role
  • Learn how to participate in the essential scrum team meetings
  • Understand the agile lifecycle and planning process
  • Learn how to write effective user stories
  • Discover the difference between sizing and estimating, and when to do each
  • Learn how to create the product backlog and break down stories
  • Become familiar with the scrum team ceremonies
  • See examples of sprint tracking charts and learn how to read them
  • Understand the meaning of mid-range planning
  • Learn the difference between a release and a shipment
  • Discover what preparation is required to coordinate planning among multiple teams
  • Get a taste of what happens on release planning day
  • Learn how to track and close out a release
  • Discover the ten most common mistakes new agile teams make and how to avoid them
Bonus Materials
  • Downloadable Lesson transcripts
  • Downloadable Iteration Plan Guide & Release Plan Guide(Agile "Cheat Sheets")
  • Top Ten Mistakes Made by New Agile Teams video track
  • Bloopers Reel - Film Crew Retrospective video track

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