MQL: Terse Clause

If you search for the word TERSE in dictionary then you will end-up something like “Brief and to the point; effectively cut short”

As the meaning said, so to the point your query can concentrate on getting the id of the Object along with main query.

You can specify the terse clause so that object IDs are returned instead of type, name, and revision. This is done with the Terse clause. For example, the following statement returns a list of object IDs for objects connected to the specified Part:

expand businessobject Part "35735" A terse;

An expand query with terse…

MQL<18>expand businessobject objectid from relationship “Part Specification” terse;
08:41:49.318 MQL t@6568 expand businessobject objectid from relationship “Part Specification” terse;1 Part Specification to objectid

An expand query without terse…

MQL<19>expand businessobject objectid from relationship "Part Specification";08:42:02.462 MQL t@6568 expand businessobject objectid from relationship "Part Specification";1 Part Specification to Drawing Print T000001 000

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