ENOVIA V6 Embedded Integration with CATIA V5


  • ENOVIA V6R2012X introduces a new level of functionalities of the ENOVIA Immersive user interface for CATIA V5 Designers.
  • It greatly improves the overall User Experience and increased the designer productivity because the designers stay in the same design environment to data stored in ENOVIA V6
    • Search
    • Navigate
    • Manipulate
    • Modify
    • Save


  • Designers directly connects to the ENOVIA V6 Database from CATIA V5 Application
  • They can the directly access their CATIA V5 data stored in ENOVIA V6 using specific filters

  • From the above open panel they get a too deep preview of the different design components, navigate through the structure and access ENOVIA PLM information such as.
    • Revision
    • Lock Status
    • Owner
    • Data Type
    • State
    • Description
  • They can also lock the data directly before opening it for
    • Addition
    • Insert/ Replace

components directly from the ENOVIA Database, Access ENOVIA Properties, perform and Global Refresh & a Quick Save

  • CAITA V5 Designer can perform the activities without modifying the standard design processes
  • Finally they can directly save their work to ENOVIA V6 from CATIA V5 from the same panel.
  • They also have access to PLM information such as
    • Save Status
    • Required Save Actions
    • They can create new Part versions wit the required modifications been performed.

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