Enovia Schema Agent Spinner


ENOVIA Schema Agent (Spinner) eases the burden of migrating schema from a source to target environment, eliminates the need for scripts and enables offline review and modification of schema. This tool is widely-used by customers for ENOVIA implementations and upgrades as it helps manage or modify schema and is convenient to use.

Reduce ENOVIA environment management and upgrade time by up to 60%


ENOVIA Schema Agent (Spinner) is a platform independent dynamic scripter that streamlines the process of adding, updating and pushing schema changes into the ENOVIA database while reducing manual and scripting errors during an implementation, upgrade or migration. This application is designed to utilize tab-delimited text files through the command line feature of the PLM Modeling Studio (MQL). ENOVIA Schema Agent (Spinner) requires no prior programming experience.

ENOVIA Schema Agent (Spinner) Value
•Mitigate the risk of affecting other data sets when collaborating with other ENOVIA developers
•Save time and effort by performing offline review and modification of your data
•Eliminate sequential scripts with the ability to rerun on a database as many times as required (hence name ‘Spinner’)
•Simplify reproduction of an ENOVIA environment
•Scan changes prior to executing – perform “what if” scenario against target database
•Compare two ENOVIA Schemas

source: enovia brouchure

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